Upcoming CEU Offerings at NNU

NNU's Wesley Center is proud to offer online continuing education opportunities throughout the year. These courses are one week long, with each week designed to fulfill 1 unit (10 hours) of continuing education credit. Courses are designed to be completed on your schedule and consist of daily discussions and readings, with all information embedded in or linked to the online course shell. There are no papers or textbooks required for the courses, and all offerings are $29 per unit. All courses are for continuing eduation and are not designed specifically to meet particular ordination outcomes.  For more information or to register for a course, please contact Stacey Bullard at



November 10-15

  • Exploring Preaching Today, Jay Akkerman
    An exploratory study of preaching and worship trends for those in ministry, including various methodologies for communicating the gospel in contemporary contexts. 
  • Soul-Care for Leaders, Joe Gorman                                            This course explores the various personal and spiritual issues that confront Christian leaders in ministry.  This course will help develop self-care practices and habits that will enable those in ministry to finish well and the importance of self-care.


January 26-30

  • Sacraments as Divine Healing Encounters, Brent Peterson
    The sacraments are God's gift to creation, that through the Church, God is healing and redeeming creation to be more fully what God created the World to be. Both the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper will be explored, including theological, liturgical and practical issues for ministry.
  • Reading New Testament Letters Today, Dick Thompson
    Reading a New Testament letter can be like reading someone else’s mail… but centuries old! And these letters often deal with issues very different from what we face today. This course will explore how we can read these letters so that they speak in fresh ways in our day. Each offering of this course will examine a different letter.

March 16-20

  • Exploring Relational Theology, Tom Oord
    Many Christians in the Wesley tradition are attracted to relational theology. But a number of relational theologies exist. This course begins with the core notions of relational theology and then explores some implications and directions these core ideas might take for understanding God, God's interaction with humans, and the natural world.
  • Missional Discipleship, Mark Maddix
    An exploration of how pastors and church leaders can engage in what God is doing in their local communities through missional engagement. The course will explore how missional engagement includes both discipleship and evangelism and how it forms and shapes faithful disciples. 

May 18-22

  • Spiritual Formation, Rhonda Carrim
    An exploration of foundational biblical, theological and historical understandings of Christian spiritual formation. This course particularly explores the reflective discipline of one’s own journey with God, highlighting a variety of spiritual practices as means of grace in one’s life.