Continuing Education/Life Long Learning Courses at NNU

Because Lifelong Learning shouldn't be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Enhance your life and ministry with Northwest Nazarene University's low cost, fully online catalog of continuing education courses and fulfill your denomination's continuing education requirements.  

You are dedicated to improving your ministry.  And we're committed to your leadership growth.  Taught by NNU's gifted faculty and leading-edge practitioners in the field, our easy-to-navigate online courses feature a fresh design that is also mobile-friendly for those on the go.

Explore our expanding catalog of ministry courses: each one carrying 10 lifelong learning units (1.0 CEU) for just $29 per course.  Expand your biblical and theological knowledge.  Enhance your ministry skills.  Log in at whatever time of day works for you using your desktop, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.  Do it all in a week, just a couple of hours per day.  All content is imbedded in each course, with no textbooks required.  Courses are limited to 15 people to maximize interactive learning.

All courses are for continuing education and are not designed specifically to meet particular ordination outcomes.  For more information or to register for a course, please contact Stacey Bullard at

Upcoming CEU Courses at NNU

September 14-18
  • Reading New Testament Letters Today, Dr. Dick Thompson
    Reading a New Testament letter can be like reading someone else's mail.... but centuries old!  And these letters often deal with issues very different from what we face today.  This course will explore how we can read these letters so that they speak in fresh ways in our day.  Each offering of this course will examine a different letter.  
  • Sacraments as Divine Healing Encounters, Dr. Brent Peterson
    The sacraments are God's gift to creation, that through the Church, God is healing and redeeming creation to be more fully what God created the World to be.  Both the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper will be explored, including theological, liturgical and practical issues for ministry.