About the Clergy Lifelong Learning Registry

As in many careers, one’s professional standing depends on “keeping up” with the developments in one’s profession. Ministry is no different. However, clergy in the Church of the Nazarene represent a range of contexts. One size or type of continuing education program cannot fit all clergy settings or needs. Further, not all clergy have the same access to educational resources. The Lifelong Learning Registry allows Nazarene clergy to take charge of their own continuing education by self-selecting and self-reporting their professional development efforts appropriate to their context. Nazarene clergy are to complete a minimum of 20 hours of lifelong learning (continuing education) annually and to report their participation on the Registry. The lifelong learning activities you enter in your registry do not require prior approval by and an adjudicating group (i.e., Global Clergy Development, your district, or NNU or other Nazarene regional university).  The Registry is available in several languages and, should you need assistance in using the site, simply select Help from the Registry menu (available upon login).  To establish a Registry account or to login to your account,  click below.