Nazarene Strengths Institute

In 2010, the Nazarene Strengths Institute (NSI) was developed.  Working in partnership with Gallup, Inc., the NSI offers a variety of strengths events to help churches identify, celebrate and build around the strengths of individuals in their congregations.  For more informations on the NSI and its course offerings, please visit their website at



Strengths and Engagement Training Events

These sessions are offered periodically every year. If a session date is not listed, please contact the Wesley Center for future training dates.

Strengths 101: Advocate Training
$79 per person.  Meals / materials will be an additional cost assessed at registration.

This training focuses on building knowledge of the participant's five signature strengths and identifying and providing tools for leading strengths-based ministry within a congregational setting.  This is a one-day event and a Gallup workbook is included in the registration fee.

This is usually a one day event during which lunch and training materials are provided.

Strengths 201: Advisor Training
$295 per person.  Meals / materials will be an additional cost assessed at registration.

This training will equip the advisor to work one-on-one with individual members of a congregation helping them to understand their signature themes and discover "what they do best" in ministry and service. 
NOTE: Strengths 101 Advocate training or approval from approved faculty member is a pre-requisite for attendance at this course.

This is usually a two day event and may involve an additional expense for meals and materials.

If you have interest in attending an event in Spring 2016, please contact the Wesley Center at 208.467.8530

Strengths 301: Strengths-Based Leadership
$325 per person.  Includes materials only.  

Strengths-Based Leadership 301 is a 48-hour course designed to help team leaders further understand the role of strengths in their personal leadership style, become a transformation leader, and explore how to more effectively manage their team.  

Anyone who has completed the 101 is eligible to attend this course. Please note, however, that it is essential for each attendee to have a “leadership context.”

This event is held Thursday afternoon; all day Friday; and Saturday morning.  


ME-25 Member Engagement

Cost is pro-rated

The ME25 Engagement Assessment Survey helps churches to identify the percentage of engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged members. During this one-day training event, the church leadership team gains an understanding of the keys to member engagement. Each church registered receives:

  • 25 copies of Living Your Strengths
  • 5 copies of Growing an Engaged Church
  • 5 copies of the Engagement Handbook
  • 5 copies of the Strengths Discovery Guidebook w/DVD