Wesley Center Conference Schedule 2019

Please note; this schedule is subject to change.

January 31, Thursday
11am Registration Opens
1pm Videos Open with punch, create an honest winsome tension, -stories of failure and success (maybe an option/inspiration:) Video Series
2:30pm  Break
3pm Workshop Session 1
8:45 GTOE Dessert Reception
February 1, Friday
9am Round Table: Dale and staff: Story of a Local church’s work
10am Chapel Plenary: Mark DeYMaz
11am Panel: Mark DeYmaz, Dr. Soong-Chan Rah
12pm Lunch (Not provided)
2pm Workshop Session 3
3pm Break
3:30pm Workshop Session 4
4:30pm Break
6pm Conference Banquet
7pm Closing Plenary: Dr. Soong-Chan Rah
8:15 2020 Wesley Conference Preview

2019 Session Topics

Thursday Morning Session 1: Aren’t we over this yet?
What today’s racism looks like in culture and the church. “What’s the problem with races just keeping to themselves? My church isn’t racist, we even have a black person who attends… or used to attend.”

Thursday Afternoon Session 2: Why is the race issue such a big deal to God?
Theological Foundation-Theology of God’s renewal and Redemption of all things. “How is my idea of reconciliation different than God’s? In what ways am I blocking God’s desires to reconciliation? In what ways could I be allowing my church to block God’s desire to reconcile race?”

Thursday Evening Session 3: Ministry of Reconciliation/Community Engagement
“What does this look like? I’m pretty sure no other races even want to reconcile with me or my church!” “How do you reconcile?”

Friday Morning Session 4: What this church looks like!
Multicultural Church: ethnic and racial diversity. Is this even possible?

Friday Afternoon Session 5: Space and Love for the Refugee and Immigrant
The world is coming to us! Examples. Stories. Videos. Opportunities.

Friday Evening Session 6: Vision and Inspiration.
God has done this before, He is doing it now, He can do it through you, and He can do this in your church!